Post-Secondary Education

Post-Secondary Application

Documents needed

  • Post-Secondary Application
  • Letter of intent
  • Photocopy of Treaty card – front and back
  • Acceptance letter from the institution
  • High school transcripts
  • Post-Secondary transcripts (if applicable)

Post-Secondary Policy

Student Responsibility

  • students must reapply for funding for each year
  • course outline for each class with instructor’s name and number before Sept 15 and Jan 15
  • academic profile( classes needed/classes taken for program completion) before Sept 15 and second profile to follow before Jan 15
  • signed declarations before the 15th of each month of funding, beginning September through to April

Fall intake for September – May 15
Winter intake for January – October 15
Spring/Summer intake – March 15

Download the Application Form for Post-Secondary Educational Assistance

Post Secondary Policy: Outlining the details that are associated with our post secondary policy including the application process and eligibility.