Public Works

Listings for Public Works areas including roads and housing.

Maintains: 115 km of Roads, 183 Houses plus 11 Band Buildings, Water Distribution System, 5 Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Systems, Sanitation and Heavy Equipment.


Work Profiles

  1. Director Of Public Works
  2. Oversees everything pertaining to the Public Works Department
  3. Things such as:
    1.  Water (treatment plants, delivery, cisterns, wells)
    2. Sewer (lift station, lagoons, septic tanks, pump outs)
    3. Repair & Maintenance of roads
    4. Repair & Maintenance of housing & Band buildings
    5. Contracts (mold removal, RRAP, water, garbage etc)
    6. Budgets
    7. Fire service agreements
    8. Insurance etc.

Work Profiles

  1. Public Works Assistant
  2. Receives incoming calls from membership and distributes work orders
  3. Does the paper work for different areas within public works ex: filing,
    budgets, contracts organizes meetings and workshops when necessary.
  4. Public Works Janitor
  5. Public Works Plumbing & Heating Workers
  6. Septic Truck Operator / Maintenance
  7. Water Treatment Plant Operators
  8. Water Delivery
  9. Garbage


The housing committee will be making amendments to the housing policy.

Basic Home Maintenance Workshop

  1. Will give the chance for home occupants to learn how to do minor repairs
    to their home. A copy of the agenda is included with the hand outs.
  2. In partnership with CMHC