Specific Land Claims

Quick Facts

  • Mistawsis entered into the Mistawasis Specific Claim Settlement Agreement (the  “Settlement Agreement”) with Canada under terms and conditions pursuant to which Canada addresses the First Nation’s surrender claims of 1911, 1917 and 1919;
  • In accordance with the Settlement Agreement, the First Nation agreed to establish a Trust on behalf of the First Nation, Canada agreed to make a certain payment into the Trust, which monies are to be for the benefit of the First Nation
  • Mistawasis established a Trust, to be known as the Mistawasis Specific Claim Trust, Mistawasis is to manage the monies transferred from Canada under the provisions of the Settlement Agreement and the Trust agreement
  • By a Ratification Vote held on the 23rd day of February, 2001, the members of Mistawasis  approved the terms and conditions of this Trust Agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Settlement Agreement and authorized and directed the Council, on behalf of Mistawasis, to sign this Trust Agreement and all related documents
  • Mistawasis Specific Claim Trust Agreement – signed off June 12, 2001
  • Minimum new acres that Trustees are required to purcahse are 18155 acres
  • 25 years from June 12, 2001 to request that Canada set apart as reserve 18155 acquired acres
  • Approximately 6000 acres remaining to be purchased
  • Approximately 11 years remaining
  • Maintain a minimum amount in the Trust account of 12,000,000.00 plus 10 percent of annual revenues realized.
  • Current minimum amount 2015 – 12,882,130.00 


Background Documentation